SR-8230 Portable X-Ray Unit

5 kW High-Frequency. Battery Powered.

The SR-8230 Portable X-ray Unit is a portable X-ray device, intended for use by a qualified/trained physician or technician for the purpose of acquiring X-ray images of the desired parts of patient’s anatomy (including head, cervical spine, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, pelvis and extremities). The device may be used for handheld diagnostic imaging of body extremities.  
Eco-friendly and User-oriented
  • Multi-level leak-proof design ensures high image quality with low power radiation intensity.
  • Compact and splash proof design allows operation environment.

Battery Power Supply
  • A full charge enables over 200 times exposure at full power and over 400 times at average power.
  • Normal exposure is available even when the power is lower than 20%.

Optional Stand. Ideal Choice for Homecare Screening
  • Detachable design supports quick installation without tools.
  • Height adjustable to meet application requirements.
  • Unique safe lock design keeps the generator safe and stable.
  • Fast and simple one-key adjustment for generator’s height.
  • Comfortable handle design makes it easy to use and carry.
  • Triangular base design with front and rear wheel brakes.
  • Flexible front universal wheels adapt to narrow spaces.
  • Support installation of angle-adjustable tray for laptop place.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and store.
  • Memory Settings (technique): 16 memories
  • Generator: High Frequency
  • kW: 5.0kW
  • kVp: 40-125
  • mA : 10mA-100mA
  • Output Rating: Max. 5.0kW(40mA@125kV)
  • mAs Range – 0.63-100 mAs
  • Exposure Time – 0.002 to 10.0 seconds in 96 increments
  • X-ray Tube Type: Stationary Anode
  • Focal Spot Size (Small/Large): 0.6/1.8mm
  • Anode Heat Storage Capacity: 42,000HU
  • Collimator: Continuously Adjustable
  • Lamp Source: LED
  • Weight: 15kgs(33.06lb) / Including Collimator
  • Size 460mm×245mm×188mm
  • Energy Source: Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery (44.4V DC), 300 exposures per charge
  • Use Interface: Soft touch push buttons