• X-Ray Equipment

    Installation and/or De-installation of Equipment: If you are looking to relocate your office, Medical Equipment of Florida provides you professional x-ray equipment installation and/or de-installation with our highly trained and experienced technicians. Every installation and de-installation project is unique,Clones Watches each with its own set of obstacles and challenges, which is why it is important to rely on a company with great experience, expert knowledge, and the right tools.
    Room Design and Layout: We work in partnership with our customers to develop appropriate designs to new or existing x-ray room. During the construction stage of a facility, we work with the architect and contractor to lead shield the walls of the x-ray room prior to construction completion. We supply a full line of radiation shielding products. They include doors, door frames, leaded drywall, leaded glass, lead sheets and many other lead products.
    Troubleshooting and Repair: Medical Equipment of Florida is a leading provider of x-ray service and support to medical, veterinary & chiropractic professionals throughout Florida. We provide the utmost quality service and we take pride of our vast experience within the x-ray industry. We have been in business for over 25 years, so we know what it takes to keep your x-ray equipment up to standards and working efficiently day in and day out. Our Service Technician Department support and service all major makes and models of x-ray machines.
    Annual Calibration: In order to secure radiation protection for patients and medical staff, annual checks of X-ray machines are stipulated by State Bureau of Radiation. At Medical Equipment of Florida annual calibration is performed by our highly skilled staff with expertise in all Standard and High Frequency X-ray Generators.

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  • Digital X-Ray

    CR and DR Remote Support: We offer internet remote diagnostic support on most of our acquire station PC’s. This helps to resolve many issues immediately without requiring on-site service. This also allows our engineers to assess system errors and fully prepare before an on-site visit is scheduled. This way we assure the best chance of success on our first visit, minimizing interruptions to your practice workflow.
    CR Preventive Maintenance
    CR and DR Troubleshooting and Repair
  • New Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Sale

    Medical Equipment of Florida offers new diagnostic imaging equipment in the medical and veterinary fields. We are authorized distributors of the leading manufacturers through imaging modalities, allowing us to reduce costs and offer competitive prices to our local and international clients. Some of the manufacturers we represent are:
    • Tingle X-Ray
    • SG HealthCare
    • iCRco
    • 3Disco Imaging
    • Codonics
    • Alpinion
    • SonoScape
  • Used and Refurbished Dianostic Imaging Equipment Sale

    Here at Medical Equipment of Florida we strive to provide used and refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment that fit specific the needs of our clients. We specialize in progressive medical and veterinary imaging technologies including Computed Radiography (CR), Direct Radiography (DR), Stationary X-Rays, Portable X-Rays, Densitometers, C-Arms, Mammography systems, and Ultrasound systems. We have the professional experience and capacity required to complete system deinstallations, full refurbishment, crating, shipping, digital upgrades, room design layouts, and installations of all our equipment.

  • Replacement Parts Sale

    We take pride in providing top quality of new, used and refurbished parts from all major manufactures to all of our customers like GE, AGFA, HOLOGIC, Codonics, AMERICOMP, Tingle X-Ray, iCRco, etc. Medical imaging parts available in all modalities like X-ray machines, CR, printers,  automatic x-ray processors, ultrasounds, mammography, C-Arm and more. Every part we sell is tested, inspected and guaranteed. Just let us know the equipment you have and the problem. Our Team will quickly deliver a reliable quote for you! For fast response about price and availability, complete the form below.

  • Consignment

    Medical Equipment of Florida provides consignment-for-sale services. If you are looking to sell your Diagnostic Imaging Equipment but do not want to deal with the inconvenience of de-installation, storing, marketing and having your work day interrupted, simply contact our sales department to discuss what we can do for you. We de-install, store and re-install. Let us use our network to turn your used imaging equipment into cash quickly and painlessly!
  • Finance Assistance

    Technology changes and so do your needs. Purchasing is often the most cost-effective choice; however, when technology changes, purchasing replacement or new equipment can be expensive. Leasing is a smarter alternative because allow you conserve cash flow, guard against obsolescence, and can provide tax savings benefits. Our goal is to provide the Best Financial Solution to your equipment acquisition. At Medical Equipment of Florida, we work with financial companies who provide equipment lease/finance options for a variety of practices including start-up, such as: Audemars Piguet Replica
    • Medical Doctors (All Specialties) team 
    • Veterinarians
    • Diagnostic Centers
    • Chiropractors
    • Physical Therapists
    • Radiology Technicians
    • Hospitals
    Most imaging diagnostic equipment is “income producing”; your profits generally come from the use of that equipment, not the investment of paying cash for it. Equipment lease/finance helps cash flow with low monthly payments, so cash reserves can be available to invest in appreciating profit-making assets and expansion. Think of equipment lease/finance as an additional line of credit with tax benefits, while preserving working capital or bank line of credit.