ORANGE 9020HF Portable X-Ray Unit

Orange 9020HF portable x-ray is applicable to veterinary purpose and it is light, compact and powerful to be handled o carried from one place to another.

Orange 9020HF high frequency inverter technology is heading to the destination of more premiums, more durable and more comfortable imaging solution. This unit and applications are helpful to not only first-aid examination but also main imaging solutions in your x-ray room.

Orange 9020HF with robust design is the best selection for whom they look for the units with durability and performance.
  • Higher Output for Equine & Small Animal
  • Bigger Output (90kV /20mA)
  • Solid body with lightweight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • One-hand Collimator Control
  • Easy access to DR systems
  • Power requirement (max.): 1.35 kVp
  • mAs range : 0.32-30mAs (21 steps)
  • Maximum programmed mA output by kV level: 12, 15, 16, 18, 20 mA
  • Focal Spot of Tube: 1.2X 1.2mm
  • Exposure Time: 0.02 -2.5 sec
  • Total Filtration: 2.5 mm Al (including collimator)
  • Collimator Light Field: 27 x 27 cm@ 66cm SID
  • Collimator Lamp: Duration of 30 sec (controlled by both of hand switch and OP panel) Higher than 100lx (12150W) light intensity
  • OP & LED Display: 7-segment operation display for kV, mAs setting. Ready, X-ray, Wait and Error (low voltage or overload). Buttons of Collimator lamp ON/OFF, Laser pointer ON/OFF, APR storage key and Display reverse.
  • APR Memory: 8 memory standard and extendable to 16 combinations
  • SID Measurement: Dual laser pointer & tape measuring
  • Protection: Overload protection of high frequency inverter and X-ray tube
  • Line Voltage (required): 110 - 130 VAC 50160 Hz single phase 20A or 200 - 260 VAC 50/60 Hz single phase 16A
  • Weight (without accessories): 7.0kg
  • Size (L x W x HJ mm): 275 X 140 X 150
  • Accessories: Hand carry box (Aluminum case) with a shoulder strap, AC PWR cable (6m long), Extra fuses and a halogen lamp, a Hand switch and a user manual.