SR-130 Portable X-Ray

The SR-130 provides higher power, state of the art technology, system reliability and low maintenance, all in a small footprint, lightweight package.

The SR-130 was designed with agility in mind. It’s compact, lightweight construction makes it easy for the operator to move the system effortlessly. Delivering maximum mR/mAs, the SR-130 produces 3 kW of power that provides hospital quality imaging, performed anywhere, anytime a Portable X-Ray System is transported to a patient.With it’s 3 kW output power, the SR-130 is an ideal system for organizations considering the purchase of a CR-System. CR-Systems currently operate at 200 speed. The SR-130 provides the power required to compensate for this slower operating speed without compromising image quality. The SR-130 is a user friendly system designed for high reliability and the durability required for the Diagnostic Outreach market.

The SR-130 can be used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private homes, orthopedic practices, sports medicine, correctional facilities and military field deployable applications.
  • Higher Power Output (3.0 kW)
  • 100 kV, 30 mA, 120 mAs
  • High Frequency
  • Microprocessor Control
  • CR/DR Compatible
  • Light Weight
  • Designed for Reliability
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish