AMERICOMP Integrated Table / Tubestand X-Ray System

The integration of the tubestand to the table saves valuable space and allows for installation without modifications to most office walls and ceiling while providing versatile tube positioning.

In addition, a full vertical travel wallstand provides effortless positioning of the stationary grid cabinet or optional reciprocating bucky, accommodating up to 14” x 17”(35cm x 43cm) cassette in either direction. 

Complement this AM3 radiographic system with a high quality, state-of-the-art Spectra High Frequency Generator that delivers the benefits of reduced patient exposure, maximum diagnostic image quality and extended tube life.

Some of the features of Spectra generator series:
  • 50, 40, 30 and 20 kW power ratings
  • Anatomical or manual technique selection
  • Automatic exposure control option
The AM3 x-ray system is completely compatible with most digital imaging systems. Digital imaging technology may be added at any time.
  • X ray equipment compatible with Computed Radiography units (CR), flat panel detectors (Direct Radiography - DR) and films
  • Unique off-table option provides a full range of off-table procedures including standing knee and ankle exams.
  • Ruggedly constructed table will consistently support patient weights up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for busy clinics with demanding caseloads. Heavy-duty, all-steel construction and an extra-long pedestal create a durable table that will last for years.
  • Patient positioning is quick and easy on the flat top table. Its smooth surface means no grooves or ridges for clothes to snag or grime to collect.
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Select a High Frequency Generator
  • Spectra Series: 20kW, 30kW, 40kW, 50kW
Integrated Table/Tube Stand
  • 76” x 30” flat, seamless, stationary table top
  • 56” long, enclosed, welded pedestal
  • Attached floating tubestand with electric locks
  • Angulating platform tube mount with 17” arm
  • Angulation dial and operator handgrips
  • Electric locks
  • 17” grid cabinet with 50” travel
  • Grid: 8:1 ratio, 103 LPI
  • Grid cabinet to tubestand interlock
  • Regular-duty cassette tray
  • Operates on 24 VDC
  • 300 lb. rated patient load
Wall Stand Package
  • Counterbalanced column, floor-to-wall mounted
  • Grid cabinet, 17” x 17”
  • Grid: 8:1 ratio, 103 LPI
  • Regular-duty cassette tray
  • Mechanical locks
X-Ray Tube
  • 1.0 – 2.0mm focal spots, 140,000 heat units
  • 0.6-1.5 mm focal spots, 200,000 heat units, specify shoot left or right (with 40 kW generators only)
  • 0.6 – 1.2 mm focal spots, 300,000 heat units (with 50 kW generator only)
  • 20 ft. high voltage cables with federal terminations
  • Certified manual collimator with light field and swivel mount