Jumong E Digital X-Ray System

Jumong E is a x-ray system integrated for a floor rail tube stand and a 17”x17” (43 x 43 cm) digital detector installed on elevating stand. Jumong E delivers fast and accurate radiography from head to ankle through wide range of detector and tube.

The main advantages of Jumong E are simplicity and safety in operation. The operator or the laboratory assistant with ease will master subtleties of management and work with this system. The intuitive interface will allow quickly to learn to be guided in rich opportunities of the software and to use them for the most exact and competent diagnostics. High efficiency of system, its reliability and ease in work provide a maximum level of economic efficiency for medical facilities.


Complement the Jumong E with a high frequency generator model CPI CMP200, which is a low cost solution for integrating with the Jumong E diagnostic radiographic imaging system. CPI CMP200 is a non-invasive device, and is designed to image the major systems of the body: Skull, shoulder, thorax, upper arm, lower arm, abdomen, pelvis, femur, knee, tibia-fibula, foot.

The CPI CMP200 generator features state-of-the-art computer-based control to ensure minimum patient dose, and maximize image quality while demonstrating excellent reproducibility with user-friendly operator controls.
  • Full digital x-ray system / flat panel detector.
  • Economical efficient system that can be fit with medical examination centers or small and midsize hospitals.
High Frequency Generator
  • CPI CMP 200 Series (40 – 80kW)
  • Single / Three phase
  • Option: AEC / DAP, 15” Touch Screen Console
Flat Panel Detector
  • Scintillator: CsI or Gadox
  • Effective Imaging Area: 17”x17”
  • 140 micron pixel pitch
  • Image acquisition and transfer time: 3seconds
Control Console & Digital Unit
  • Controlled by key board and mouse, OS Win7
  • 500GB HD, 2GB RAM
  • Option: Integrated console with generator / Auto Stitching
Mobile Patient Table
  • Longitudinal: 2,000 mm
  • Transverse: 850 mm
  • Capacity: 220 kg patient weight
X-Ray Tube
  • Anode Heat Storage Capacity: 300KHU
  • Housing Heat Store Capacity: Min. 1300KHU
  • Focal Spot: 0.6 – 1.02 mm
  • Options: 350, 400, 600KHU
  • Manual Collimator with ruler
  • Option: CU or AL filter laser centering and time adjusted light system