DIOWAVE 60 Laser Therapeutic Device

The DIOWAVE 60 diode laser is a therapeutic device at the cutting edge of technology, designed for use in providing temporary relief of minor pain.

The DIOWAVE 60 utilizes a solid-state diode as a semiconductor source for invisible infrared radiation. The energy is delivered to the treatment site via flexible fiber connected at one end to the laser source and the other end to the Handpiece. The device is activated by means of a finger switch on the handpiece.

Operating Voltage: 100V - 240V - at 1.4A
Frequency: 50/ 60Hz
Main Control: Power Switch
Disable Control: Emergency Stop Button
Laser Type: GaAlAs Diode Laser
Laser Type: 810mm/ 980nm
Maximum Power: 60W
Operation Mode: CW. Single Or Repeat Pulse
Pulse Duration: 50us- 35
Repetition Rate: 0.2Hz- 10KHz
Pilot Beam: Red Diode Laser Of 650m,
Control Mode: True Color Touch Screen
Transmission System: Fibers Of 400um And 600ur
Dimensions: 380(W)*430(L)*220(H) mm
Weight: 11Kg
Power Accuracy: + 20%