BestScan S3 Wireless Ultrasound

Pregnancy test, backfat measurement.

This product is a general-use handheld software-controlled veterinary ultrasound scanner. It obtains real-time ultrasound signals through WIFI and reflects them on Android devices like smart phones or tablet.
  • Wireless
  • Auto backfat measurement
  • Clear pregnancy image
  • Waterproof
  • Take by hand and neck belt
  • Image device: Monitor or smart phone
  • Scanning mode: 80° sector scanning
  • Probe: 3.5MHZTransducer
  • Scanning depth: 100-180mm
  • Display mode: B mode
  • Grey: 256 degrees
  • Battery working time: >3 hours
  • Size: 140mm×45mm×40mm
  • Weight: <0.2KG