CHISON SonoEye Vet Handheld Ultrasound

Care anytime, anywhere.

Can help to provide high quality user experience in any location.

Featuring an adaptable design that goes from pad to mobile phone, increasing the portability, and making it possible to work together with veterinarians from one to another animal patient all the time, SonoEye provides excellent scanning experience fro animals of different species.
  • Go Light: Half weight of a mobile phone, highly integrated design, more compact.
  • Multiple Devices: SonoEye provides a flexible connection with smart phone or pad.
  • Go Waterproof: SonoEye, a handheld ultrasound, gives you the power to sterilize and clean freely.
  • Go Anywhere: SonoEye, integrated with the best handheld technologies, can provide multiple solutions for the scanning of different species.
  • Go Thumb-play:
    • One touch to start an ultrasound exam.
    • One thumb to finish all operations.
    • Simplified workflow assures you to use it as easy as your smart phone.
CHISON SonoEye offers a variety of solutions with different models. Highly personalized design helps to meet your every need.
  • SonoEye V2 - Linear
    • 7.5MHz, 40mm
    • Small Animal ABD, Tendon
    • Modes: B, M, Color, PW
  • SonoEye V3 – Phased Array
    • 3.0MHz
    • Large Animal Cardiac, Large Animal ABD
    • Modes: B, M, Color, PW
  • SonoEye V5
    • 3.5MHz, Convex
    • Large Animal ABD
    • Modes: B, M, Color, PW
  • SonoEye V6 - Micro Convex
    • 3.5MHz
    • Small Animal ABD, Middle Animal ABD, Small Animal Cardiac
    • Modes: B, M, Color, PW