CHISON SonoBook 6 Portable Ultrasound

Advanced Capabilities within Laptop Design.

CHISON SonoBook 6 is featured with compact laptop based design for easy-mobility, providing solutions when fast reaction is needed. Combined with productivity features, crisp imaging performance and intuitive workflow, ductivity features, crisp imaging performance and intuitive workflow, SonoBook 6 could support excellent patient care, offer economic clinical value.

Intuitive Workflow
  • Six-one-key Procedure
  • Anatomy-specific Presets
  • Efficient Data Management
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Shortcut key for quick access
  • Auto Measurements
Display the elasticity of different tissues in different color. Provide more clinical information, especially for breast tumor, thyroid, liver and prostate.
Strain ratio measurement quantitatively gives the ratio between the average strain of the selected region and the nearby normal tissue region.

Auto IMT
The automatic intima-media thickness measurement for fast carotid exam, providing the detailed result of the intima-media thickness, help to make the diagnosis automatically.

Super Needle
Enhance the needle displaying in image, without distortion of the needle. Decrease the complicated rate, increase the successful rate.

HIP graf
Use a graph for hip orthotics diagnosis, help the doctor to give a easier and more accurate diagnosis during the pediatric hip scanning.
Different angle indicate different level of hip deformity, which is easy and obvious to see with the aid of the graph. (I, II, D, Illa, lllb)

  • Compact laptop design with 15" HD LED monitor, 120° rotatable
  • Ultra-slim and ultra-light weight for easy mobility: 5.0kg
  • Dedicated trolley for effortless maneuverability
  • Productivity features for better patient care: Elastorgraphy, B/BC, Super needle, Auto IMT, CW, TDI, Color M, Free M
  • Complete DICOM function including DICOM SR, transfer, print, etc
  • Intuitive workflow with 6-one key procedure, shortcut key for quick access.
  • Transducers
    • 2.0MHz-6.8MHz Convex C3-V
    • 4.0MHz-15.0MHz Linear L7-V
    • 7.0MHz-18.0MHz ( With FHI) Unear L12-V
    • 1.5MH.z-5.3MHz Phased array P2-V
    • 4.0MHz-12.0MHz Transvaginal E6-V
    • 4.0MHz-15.0MHz Transvaginal E7W-V
    • 4.0MHz-15.0MHz Trans-Rectal R7-V
    • 2.0MHz-6.8MHz Micro-Convex MC3-V
    • 4.0MHz• 12.0MHz Micro-Convex MC6-V