EPX Series Portable X-Ray System

Highest power-to-weight relation available. The EPX portable x-ray machines  provide an optimum mix of power, ultra-light, compact size, wireless/wire PC interface, hand & foot switch, ready for DR system and collimator with an enclosed high hardness acrylic mask and a laser pointer which can help center position clearly displayed even in a day time.
  • Innovation designed Ultra-Light, High frequency portable x-ray.
  • High Performance EPX-Series Portable X-ray system.
  • Most compact size and lightest weight.
  • Provide high resolution imaging at lower dosages.
  • Durable design with solid body.
  • Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays.
  • Calibrated cassette size indicator dials
  • Available with Inverted control panel for table use.
  • Two stage dynamic, Auto line compensation.
  • Easy access to DR systems.
  • Dual Integrated Laser Pointer.
  • Wireless/Wire PC interface(Option)
  • Carrying case made of rigid aluminum.
  • Mobile cart (option)
Max Output Power /   Generator Frequency   /    KV   /    mA
EPX-F1600              1.6kW                            100KHz                   90         30
EPX-F2400              2.4kW                              70KHz                  100        40
EPX-F2800              2.8kW                              70KHz                  120        40
EPX-F3200              3.2kW                              70KHz                  100        60
EPX-F4000              4.0kW                              70KHz                  110        80
EPX-F5000              5.0kW                              70KHz                  110      100