FineVet DR9 X-Ray System

The innovative digital veterinary x-ray system. State of the art and true innovation in every sense. Never before has veterinary imaging see a system so streamlined and compact, built to rugged exacting standards with every attention to details, providing all the functionality essential to small animal practices.

The FineVet DR9 system and associated system components also provides veterinarians with a complete upgrade path, whether it be to an existing film or CR environment. Hardware, software and image processing modules meld together seamlessly to produce images with incredible detail.

FineVet DR9 is designed to offer users the best diagnostic solution, while increasing throughput and improving workplace. The system delivers high-quality digital radiography performance, along with a simplified workflow, to thoroughly maximize user experience.
  • Streamlined and compact
  • Built to withstand the most demanding environments
  • Images conveniently displayed on the touch screen operator console
  • Instantly available for repeat exposures
  • Eliminate costly retakes
  • No more film and chemistry costs
  • Save dark room space
  • Increase your capabilities
  • Affordable quality
High Frequency Generator
  • CPI CMP200DR Series
  • Single / Three Phase
Control Console & Digital Unit
  • Preview images on the touch screen by main console software synchronize
  • Controlled by key board and mouse, OS Win7
  • 500GB HD, 2GB RAM
  • Option: Integrated console with generator
Flat Panel Detector
  • Scintillator: Gadox (CsI, optional)
  • Effective Imaging Area: 430 mm x 430 mm
  • 3,072 x 3,072 matrix, 14bit AD conversion
  • 140 micron pixel pitch
  • Image acquisition and transfer time: 3seconds
  • Less than 7 sec. between two exposures
  • 3.5 lp/mm spatial resolution
X-Ray Tube
  • Anode Heat Storage Capacity: 140KHU
  • Housing Heat Store Capacity: Min. 1,250KHU
  • Focal Spot: 0.6 – 1.02 mm
  • Manual Collimator with ruler
  • Option: Laser centering and time adjusted light system
  • Longitudinal & transverse table top movement
  • Longitudinal stroke: ±9.8” (±250 mm)
  • Transverse stroke: ±2.4” (±60 mm)
  • Animal weight capacity: 150kg
  • Option: Grid 13:1, 200 lp/cm