AV30HF Integrated Vet X-Ray System

The AV30HF is an integrated high frequency veterinary x-ray system that produces x-ray images with improved resolution and contrast while affording the operator fast, easy technique selection.

Compared to conventional 60 Hertz generators, High Frequency technology produces more x-ray in less time. Exposure time reduction will minimize image blur caused by motion. By producing a more effective kV, HF technology improves penetration power, allowing for lower kV settings. The resulting scatter radiation is minimized, eliminating gray, fogged films.

By integrating the generator into the table, there are significant ease of use benefits. Changes to technique settings are quickly facilitated without leaving the table. Visual information of the settings are conveniently displayed.

  • Integrated generator into the table.
  • Changes to technique settings are quickly facilitated without leaving the table.
  • The integrated generator table concept significantly reduces floor space requirements and difficulty of installation. Systems require only 35” x 56” of floor space.
  • Convenient light beam collimator provides a high intensity light field for quick, accurate positioning. Swivel mechanism facilitates table-top procedures. Exceeds federal standards for radiation leakage protection. Shutter actuators designed for use with lead gloves. Rubber edged collimator prevents operator head injuries.
  • Table-top extension (either end) adds 12” of table length for very large animals or standing lateral views.
  • Tie-down brackets offer non-manual restraint capabilities.
  • Out-of-room exposure switch allows you to leave the table when taking exposures.
  • DR, CR or film solution.

Integrated High Frequency (HF) Generator
  • 20 kHz High Frequency Technology
  • 30 kW rating
  • kVp range: 40 -125
  • Four mA stations: 50S, 100S, 100L, 300L
  • mAs range: 0.2-400 mAs with over 85 mAs selections
  • Two-point technique selection (kVp, mAs)
  • Digital display of kVp
  • Digital display of mA and mAs
  • Built-in tube protection
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Adjustable volume, audible exposure signal
  • Automatic generator “shut-off” circuit
  • Line cable included, 6 AWG-3 conductor14 ft. external length
  • UL Classified 
  • Enclosed table, stationary 53” x 24” top
  • Welded-base construction
  • Full travel lead-lined grid cabinet
  • Grid cabinet with Simplex manual cassette tray
  • Grid: 8:1 ratio, 103 LPI
  • Grid cabinet/tubestand interlock
  • Attached, fully-counterbalanced tubestand; travels full table length
  • Full vertical travel
  • Angulation dial and operator handle
  • 1.0-2.0mm focal spots, 140,000 heat units with 90 degree horns
  • 12 ft. high voltage cable with federal terminations
  • Manual with light field
  • Field light “on” time-selectable 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds (factory set at 60)
  • Long life “soft-start” bulb circuits
  • Easy-to-operate with gloves on
  • Exceeds federal standards for radiation leakage protection
Exposure Switch
  • Foot switch with 20ft. cord