TXR Elevating / 4 way Float Top Table X-Ray System

The GP3 x-ray system was engineered for performance and long-term reliability. It was designed for efficient workflow in busy environments.

The practical design of GP3 system assures user-friendly operation while offering state of the art micro-processing control. Hospital grade components at affordable prices make the GP3 Radiographic System an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.

The high frequency techniques assure accurate and low dose exposures for the whole range of radiographic practices. SHF Series High Frequency Generators are designed for easy installation, calibration and maintenance. Each unit offers rapid and accurate access to technique parameters for both general radiography and fluoroscopy. Operating on a single or three phase incoming power, SHF generators provide all of the advantages of constant potential power to the x-ray tube delivering lower patient dose, increased exposure accuracy, efficient operation and extended tube.

Choose from a variety of space efficient consoles and modules with power ratings from 20 up to 80 kW outputs. Consoles may be configured in 2 point, 3 point, Anatomical Programmer and Automatic Exposure Control. Serial link communication is optional for retrofit with OEM Consoles and peripheral equipment.
  • Affordability, durability and flexibility
  • Excellent x-ray system for hospitals, clinics, orthopedic and general practices.
  • Table top supports patients up to 750 lbs. (340 kgs)
  • DR, CR or Film solutions

High Frequency Generator

  • SHF Series: Choice of 20, 32, 40 or 50 kW
Elevating, Four Way Float Top Table – 750 lb. Patient Load
  • 86.5” x 31.5” float table top
  • 43.3” longitudinal and 9.5” lateral table top travel
  • Vertical Travel 19.69” x 35.43”
  • Collision protection
  • Super Speed Bucky
  • Heavy duty manual cassette tray
  • 103 line, 10:1 ratio, 34-44” focal range grid
Non-Rotate Tube Stand
  • Floor to wall mounted
  • Fits in ceiling heights of 91” to 102”
  • Vertical travel of 9.5” to 78”
  • Platform tube mount, angulation dial and operator handles
  • Magnetic locks control longitudinal, vertical and tube rotation
  • 64” Longitudinal Travel
  • Rotation option: ±5” Transverse travel, 180° column rotation, vertical travel 14.5” to 76”, 80” Longitudinal Travel
Wall Stand with Grid Cabinet
  • Floor to wall mount with magnetic locks, 84” column
  • 17” x 17” grid cabinet with front panel
  • Heavy duty manual cassette tray
  • 103 line, 10:1 ratio, 40-72” focal range grid
X-Ray Tube
  • 140,000 heat unit, 1.0-2.0mm focal spots, 90° horn angle
  • Other Tubes Optional
  • Certified manual collimator with laser light
  • Swivel Mount
High Voltage Cables
  • 20’ (609.6 cm) long